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Performance Exhaust

 The 6.5 stock exhaust system can be improved dramatically by removing the catalytic converter or "soot trap" and in some cases the factory turbo downpipe is dented or crushed looking and very restrictive.  You should check local regulations before removing the cat. conv. but being a diesel in some areas this 'may' be allowed.

 There are a few aftermarket systems available for the 6.5 Turbo Diesel, and most are OK.  But I felt there was some room for improvement.  On a bone stock truck the stock 2-3/4" to 3" pipes will work OK once the cat. conv. and downpipe are restrictions are removed, the muffler is the next biggest restriction.  

 For engines with added boost or those planning to add power or more boost, I recommend a hi-flow air filter like a "oil impregnated cotton gauze" type and a bigger exhaust of at least 3.5"" with a good performance muffler.  When adding propane injection or nitrous oxide injection you will be at power levels flowing large amounts of air and need to have a free flowing exhaust, for those a 4.0"" system with a hi-flowing performance muffler would be better.

 I've been asked many times to come up with a system and have worked long and hard on our design.  We offer a 3.5"" system good for most 6.5TD trucks and for more powerful applications (such as my truck) where I run high boost, propane injection and nitrous oxide injection, we offer a 4.0"" system. 

  The aluminized systems are available and are competitively priced, maybe a bit more due to the muffler, but that's the key ingredient. 

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for more info.

Here is a view of our High Performance mufflers:

mufflers_350vs400-IAEI.jpg (120045 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

3.5" ID versus 4.0" ID, Note
the 3.5" Muffler shown is the premium 24" long bodied (30"
overall) muffler in Stainless Steel. 

These are High Performance Mufflers

mufflers_materials-IAEI.jpg (138505 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

4.0" inlet/outlet High Performance
mufflers, from left to right, Aluminized, Stainless Steel and High Polished
Stainless Steel.  Note the high quality of the welds.

mufflers_materials-2-IAEI.jpg (91459 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

Muffler_SS_vs_SP-IAEI.jpg (206305 bytes) 
Click image to enlarge

Here is a better view of the Stainless
Steel High Performance Mufflers, the one on the right is highly polished to a
mirror like finish.   You can see the length here.

These Premium
High Performance Mufflers are and straight-through design and are not
packed with fiberglass or steel fibers that can breakdown and blow out.

muffler inside-IAEI.jpg (116898 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

Muffler louvers as viewed from the inlet

muffler_inside-louvers-IAEI.jpg (173479 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

Muffler louvers, these are designed to be
installed facing the rear (outlet side), as view from the outlet side.


We know sometimes a premium high-performance system is not within the budget so we do offer  the construction equipment muffler of which is the same one that has been sold by one reseller and touted as "performance", but we aptly call it our "BUDGET performance" muffler. It will increase power and flow over the stock unit but is smaller in size and we only offer it in 3.5" ID, this is a shorter muffler and a bit noisier the quality is not as good and it is only available in aluminized.  This is good for those on a budget and cannot afford the Premium High Performance mufflers shown above.

muffler_budget-IAEI.jpg (61390 bytes)
Click image to enlarge

"BUDGET" Muffler. Note that it
is shorter than the premium mufflers.

Exhaust Pricing.

Our 6.5TD Exhaust Systems are from "turbo-back", starting with and including the turbo downpipe, offset pipe, center pipe, muffler and tailpipe.
Note: Catalytic converter (soot trap) not included, kits have just pipe there.

All downpipes for the GM 6.5TD are 3.0" and mandrel bent, no larger downpipe will fit, and then further back the pipes step up in size. Changing from the restrictive factory downpipe considerably reduces backpressure, and help lower EGTs (exhaust gas temps) and helps the turbo spool up faster. Then further back we step up in size for better flow. On the 4.0" systems it steps up to 3.5" and then to 4.0", the muffler is 4.0" inlet/outlet.

The "Budget-Performance" 3.5" system is $479.95 and is aluminized, includes 3.0" turbo downpipe, offset pipe, center pipe and tailpipe. ADD $25 for Extended or Suburban Or ADD $35 for Crew Cabs.

3.5" 'High-Performance' system with aluminized muffler $524.95 add $50 for 4.0" ADD $25 for Extended or Suburban Or ADD $35 for Crew Cabs.

3.5" 'High-Performance' system with stainless steel muffler $549.95 add $50 for 4.0" ADD $25 for Extended or Suburban Or ADD $35 for Crew Cabs.

3.5" 'High-Performance' system with POLISHED stainless steel muffler $639.95 add $60 for 4.0" ADD $25 for Extended or Suburban Or ADD $35 Crew Cabs.

Pipes are heavy gauge aluminzed steel.

To get the most from the exhaust and the 6.5, I do recommend our Boost & Fuel Controls along with our Hi-Flow Air Filter.

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for more info.


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