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PDC:  Pump Driver Cooler
for GM 6.5 Liter Diesel Engines
with electronic fuel injection

NOTE: This is an older site,
For the most recent information please also see the New site at;


Copyright © 1994-2007

  The Pump Driver Cooler ( PDC ) was designed for 1994 to 2000 GM 6.5 Liter Diesel engines to allow the Pump Mounted Driver ( PMD ) sometimes called a Fuel Solenoid driver ( FSD ) to be mounted away from the hot engine to reduce the common PMD failures from heat. PDC HAS A FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY
 The PMD is the most common part to fail on the GM 6.5 Diesels.

 Some symptoms of a failing PMD are; stalling, or hard start, hesitation, miss, rough idle, smoke on start up, surge in reverse, and just ONE of these or a combination could be related to the most common part to fail on these engines, the PMD.

Key Benefits

  • The PDC [ pump driver cooler ] reduces damaging temperatures on the PMD [ pump mounted driver ] aka FSD [ fuel solenoid driver ]
  • Allows PMD to be mounted away from the Hot Engine Valley area.
  •  *Our Special PMD Remote Harness come with our PDC/PMD Remote Package for even more mounting options and is made from automotive grade wiring and color coded,  OEM [original equipment manufacturer] quality and compatible weather resistant connector.  OEM style wire loom, looks like a factory setup. Documents filed with the US PATENT OFFICE on it's unique design features.
  •  NOTE:  Many factory injection pump wiring harnesses are just too short when used with the aftermarket remote PMD mounts that mount on top of the hot engine.  Sometimes cutting the harness covering to gain added length will work but this is not advisable as there is still strain on the vehicle wiring harness.  So we highly recommended that at a remote mounted PDC/PMD with our special PMD Remote Harness be used so that the original harness will remain intact and not have the stress & strain created by pulling it to try to make it reach any aftermarket cooler.  See link to remote harness at bottom of page.
  •  Air gap [space] between cooler and mounting, unlike similar products, this allows air to flow better around the cooler for it to cool more effectively.  A heat sink [cooler] mounted directly on the hot intake manifold will not be able to work as effectively as if it were away from the hot parts. NOTE: Our PDC/PMD Remote Package is a Remote Mount version that does NOT  mount on the HOT engine but instead mounts on the firewall (recommended) see further below.

    pdc-on-1-NO air gap.-IAEI.jpg (34724 bytes)  Click on image to enlarge

    Above image illustrates that heat can build up with so-called competing cooler designs and they have NO 'air-gap', and with so much area connected to a hot intake manifold means heat from the engine is reaching the 'cooler'.
    NOTE: Our PDC/PMD Remote Package is a Remote Mount version that does NOT  mount on the HOT engine but instead mounts on the firewall (recommended) see further below.

    pdc-on-1-heatwave-IAEI.jpg (37104 bytes)  Click on image to enlarge

    Above image illustrates the 'air-gap' feature that keeps the PMD even cooler the air can pass more freely, also there is drastically less area of the cooler connected to a hot intake manifold.
    NOTE: Our PDC/PMD Remote Package is a Remote Mount version that does NOT  mount on the HOT engine but instead mounts on the firewall (recommended) see further below.

  •  Our PDC/PMD Remote unit can be mounted so the 'TURBO POWER' cover could be reinstalled, if desired. Better injection pump cooling may result from leaving this cover off if PMD unit is mounted under it, however our testing (and others) has indicated there is no difference in temp with cover on. 

  • Remote version allows mounting on firewall or other locations AWAY from the hot engine.

    Remote Version allows mounting AWAY from HOT engine.

  • PDC/PMD Remote package shown.

  •  Excellent thermal transfer properties of our Exclusive Heat Sink design and Special Thermal Transfer Pad allows smaller size than other similar productsWe thoroughly tested from 1-1/2 to 2 times larger and no difference in effectiveness and temp of PMD unit.
  •  PMD / FSD mounts properly in the center of the PDC [ cooler ] for correct and evenly distributed heat transfer; as per the experts, the heat sink manufacturers.  This feature is also different than another similar product.
  •  PMD / FSD mounts where the PDC's [ cooler's ] fins run the length of the transistors and not across them. This feature is also different than another similar product.
  •  Stainless-Steel Mounting bolts and washers are included to mount the PMD / FSD. Unlike competitors hardware which typically rusts.
  • Mounting brackets included.
  •  Thermal Transfer Pad that exceeds OEM specifications, and cut for proper fit.
  •  Thermal Transfer Pad does NOT have cutouts over the PMD / FSD transistors, like the original manufacturer design, so heat is correctly transferred as it should be, unlike the way it would be with the areas cutout as is sold with some 'competing' 'coolers'.  This was confirmed as the correct way to remove heat as per the experts in the thermal transfer industry that serves both the computer and automotive industries.  If a person really wants to make the cutouts for some reason, the pads can be cut using a hobby knife, not recommended.
  •  Thermal Transfer Pad is of material recommended by experts in the thermal transfer field for electronic modules.
  •  The PDC is a smaller more compact design than similar product, due to its excellent thermal transfer performance characteristics and design. 
  •  The PDC/PMD Remote Package does not require a cooling fan, and other products with a cooling fan are something we do NOT recommend, because the PC type cooling fans usually do not hold up well under the hostile underhood environment with heat, oil, fuel, road salts, dirt and moisture and other elements.
  •  Easily reverts back to stock.
  • ZERO pmd failure rate!!!*
  •  Less expensive than similar products, as there are No importing costs, NO series of distributors and NO middlemen.  NO exclusive sales agreements that can drive up prices.
  •  Top quality product using materials that the leader's in the Aerospace, Automotive and Computer industries use.
  • Our PDC/PMD Remote Package includes the PMD, a $520+ value. GM has often sold just the PMD alone for $520.00 or more. The PDC/PMD Remote Package including the PMD is a deal at ONLY $575.00.

 Ultimate The PDC Remote Package is our "best seller" and what we recommend and is Only $675.00. INTERNET/MAIL ORDER PRICE IS ONLY $575.00  This includes a New PMD (same as GM sells), Fuel Calibration Resistor, PDC (Pump Driver Cooler) (which has The Special Heat Transfer Pad, and Stainless-Steel Hardware to mount PMD.),  AND We mount the PMD on the PDC and install the Fuel Calibration Resistor for you, also included is the 30" PMD Remote Harness and Remote Bracket.
 The PDC/PMD Remote Package is simple to install; as you mount the PDC on the firewall or other location and plug our Remote harness in to the stock harness, NO adjustments needed.  

 GM has often sold just the PMD alone for $520.00 or more. The PDC/PMD Remote Package including the PMD is a deal at ONLY $575.00 + s&h/ins.*

*2nd or Next Day/Overnight shipping or outside the 48 continental United States is substantially more. 

Order Yours NOW !!!
or today, email    for details.

 There is a character selling a knockoff copy of our PMD remote harness and who also now tries to copy our "Package" and recommends you install the 'cooler' he sells by the vehicle battery! That is NOT smart by any means as the very corrosive vapors (acids) coming off of the battery as a normal part of the charging process are not good for electronics and wiring, as most of us know by how battery cables tend to get corrosion and crust up etc. The last thing you should want is the wiring and sensitive PMD module and computer controls for the fuel system anywhere near the battery! One should question the knowledge and credibility of any person suggesting such nonsense.
Also the way he recommends/shows it installed, the cooling fins are facing the rear of the vehicle and get next to no airflow, if any. and then once the battery is reinstalled it is essentially blocked! 

 In another instance that cooler is shown on the inner fender well, that too is another location that is NOT smart seeing how water, corrosive road salts, road oils and other junk that comes up from the road in to fender area.
 If one were to try to put that other cooler in the best location, which by the way is on the firewall, that cooler's fins would be running the WRONG way! for proper cooling, so it seems there is little choice than to put that cooler in a less than desirable location, To mount that cooler you'd need to fiddle with ways to do it as it 's drilled with holes for mounting to 2 of the engine's intake manifold top bolts, as that's where that cooler is designed to be mounted. It also has less fins and cooling area over the important PMD transistor areas.
 Simply put, that other cooler is was NOT designed for nor suited for remote mounting, and is being sold for more money!

 The consumer needs information to make an informed decision, we hope we've provided you with that, and have confidence in you making the right decision.

 Our Pump Driver Cooler PDC is THE 'cooler' DESIGNED for TRUE REMOTE Mounting AWAY from the engine, only our PDC has our Special Heat Transfer Pad, and Our Proven TRACK RECORD!
of ZERO PMD failures!* There have been NO verifiable failures of a PMD on our PDC.

 The chart below is a list of product features compared to the other cooler package being sold with the knock-off harness, as you will see we offer a better product, better design and more features, for less money.

  Our Ultimate PDC/PMD Remote Package Knock-off/Copy "Package"
Designed for off engine Remote mounting


unit is for intake mount as evidenced by the bolt holes and design.
Manufacturer of the cooler designed the Package YES NO
Cooling fins per PMD area 12 of 14 only 8
Cooling fins per transistor 4 lengthwise (longer) MORE area effectively covered 4 across (shorter) LESS area effectively covered 
Cooling fin heat distribution Each fin only covers only one transistor, 
NO added burden from the other.
The heat load of BOTH transistors are BURDENING the same cooling fins of which can only shed so much heat.
(Not as good)
Cooling fin width Wider (more coverage) Narrower (less coverage)
Cooling fins in proper direction to mount on firewall YES NO
PMD centrally placed on cooler for even cooling YES NO
severely offset to one side.
"Air-Gap" between mounting area and cooler YES NO
Our Special Heat Transfer Pad YES NO
Mounting bracket included YES NO, 
does not appear to have one.
Stainless Steel PMD mounting hardware YES NO
The Original PMD Remote Harness YES NO
unauthorized copy
Remote harness wiring color-coded. YES NO
PMD Failure rate on cooler ZERO* we lost count...
Cooler made in the U.S.A. YES ! NO
Added Costs from Importing, Distributors, Dealers or Middlemen NO YES
Internet Selling Price $575.00 about $600.00+

Order Yours NOW !!!
inquire today at  



  The PMD does come with our PDC / PMD Remote Package, but we do offer them separate for those need to replace a PMD on an inferior cooler or injection pump, we do however highly recommend you do it right and fix with the PDC/PMD Remote Package as the PMD is likley to fail when not on a properly designed and tested 'cooler' like our PDC cooler and when you consider the cost to replace just one PMD it only makes sense to go with the PDC/PMD Remote Package in the first place!

 The PMD [ pump mounted driver ] module GM has sold for over $520.00, but we offer the PMD for ONLY $295.00, the Fuel Calibration Resistor is $24.95 extra. 
NOTE: PMD is included in our PDC/PMD Remote Package.

NOTE: *Ordering with the PDC / PMD Remote Package will save you time and labor costs, as compared to changing the stock location PMD, here is why:

  If you want to change the old injection pump mounted PMD (NOT recommended) you will likely need to:

buy new intake manifold gaskets & sealer and maybe a top gasket 
remove the intake manifold top
remove the intake manifold
scribe and loosen the injection pump,
turn the injection pump,
remove PMD, (hoping the Torx fasteners do not strip)
then turn pump back
reinstall intake with new gaskets and sealer
reinstall intake top with gasket

 A few hours shop labor usually at over $75 per hour, the cost of the parts and shop materials etc.. can come to $500.00 or more...
You can save some money if you are inclined to to the few hours work yourself, but then you will need to get the injection pump retimed 3.5 degrees and the TDC offset reset by a GM Dealer or shop with Tech 1a or 2 System Tool, can cost $100+ or more.

 Another thing to keep in mind if considering using the PMD from the pump is removing the PMD from the pump will likely void any injection pump or parts warranty as the PMD on it is part of it, not worth the risk or effort in my opinion.

 This is more costly and a lot more grief, than simply ordering a the PDC/PMD Remote Package module GM has sold for $520.00, but we offer the PMD for ONLY $295 [recent price increase beyond our control, but still better than GM] and it is the latest version and can be mounted on the PDC [ Pump Driver Cooler ] at no extra charge.  Resistor if needed is $24.95 extra.

 PMD Remote Harness is highly recommended as the stock harness very often comes up short. NOTE: Harness is NOT sold separately. The PDC/PMD Remote package includes the longer 30" PMD Remote Harness.  Other lengths can be made to order to accommodate various needs.

With the PDC/PMD Remote Package there is NO big mechanical work and NO adjustments required, a simple install even a novice can do.

Order Yours NOW !!!
order today, email  for details. 

So order yours now to reduce the possibility of stall, or hard or no start, hesitation, miss, rough idle, or smoke on start up.

NOTE: This is an older site,
For the most recent information please also see the New site at;

Notice: Please Beware!, There now is a high priced "knock-off" copy of our PMD Remote Harness out there, so avoid being ripped off, the one sold here is the original harness designed to remotely mount the PMD.
  The "knock-off" is sold without our permission and is NOT endorsed by us, nor does it have the same track record. The competitive "cooler" that the "knock-off" is being sold for (or with) as far as we understand was NOT designed for remote mounting off the engine and that seems apparent by the physical design.  Shame on that unscrupulous character for copying our designs and charging people more money! and shame on those promoting it or that person. We do not name names here because the text here may  picked up by a search engine and mainly because we do not want any misassociation with that person(s) and "business(es)".


The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act prohibits a dealer or manufacturer from voiding your warranty unless a product is directly responsible for a failure.   <

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